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Pen The Moment Calligraphy

Custom Handwritten Calligraphy for All Occasions

About Us

When I was about 14, an artist friend of my father was 

working on a project for one of her clients.  She picked up a

 fountain pen and wrote what looked like the most beautiful

 letters I had ever seen to that point in my young life.  I asked 

her how she did that and how can I learn.  She gave me her 

pen and told me to try it out...

From then on, I was hooked.  I bought my first pen set from

 the local Caldor and started practicing.  When I reached High

 School, I found that they had an extensive art curriculum,

 including a Calligraphy Course.  The instructor was a great 

teacher and mentor.

 He helped round out my talents.  Before I knew it, I was

 providing services for friends, family and even some of my

 teachers in the school.  

Now, almost 26 years later, I still enjoy working with my

 pens and take great pride in the services I offer.  There is no 

greater joy than seeing the look on a brides face when she

 sees her table cards, place cards and invitations written out 

in the style and color she picked to compliment her wedding


Located in East Brunswick, New Jersey, we offer a variety 

of fonts to Hand Letter envelopes for Wedding Invitations,

 Engagement Announcements, Anniversary Parties, letter

 inscriptions, fill in certificates, and much more.

Drop us a line and let us add that personal touch to your

'Special Moment'.

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